Charleston Trout Fishing

Charleston Trout Fishing
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How To Catch Trout On Every Fishing Trip! You Have To Know How The Animal Thinks. Charleston Trout Fishing!

For the serious Trout Angler who loves to fish with spinners and lures, hereís some more of what the book reveals:
  • How to identify the best waters to go spinner fishing
  • Why itís harder to catch trout in deeper pools!
  • Learn why a shiny spinner used on a bright sunny day is almost guaranteed to catch you nothing.
  • The relatively unknown tip of scenting lures to help attract trout. (Yes, smell is possible under water. It travels very well as water-soluble particles.)
  • Learn what foods Trout love to eat. (This is crucial when selecting lures. Most lures are a complete waste or money but chosen correctly can double your catch chances!)
  • And Much Much Much More...

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