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How To Catch Trout On Every Fishing Trip! You Have To Know How The Animal Thinks. Sunapee Trout!

For the serious Trout Angler who loves to fish with spinners and lures, hereís some more of what the book reveals:
  • Understand the different species of trout (Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Cutthroat) and how to quickly identify them.
  • How to land a big trout! (There are some conditions that are essential.)
  • Learn the number of casts you need to make in one area of the river before moving on. (Itís much less than you think and many anglers have wasted their time by not moving on sooner.)
  • The secrets of casting and retrieval. (Upstream, Downstream, Bottom, Top, Slow or Fast. All the secrets revealed.)
  • And Much Much Much More...

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